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About my work

I started writing and illustrating a series of children’s books at the age of 13. I then re visited them in my 30s. I have now written, illustrated and published 7 books in the series.


I sell illustrations on gifts and products. My artwork covers a variety of styles and a vast range of topics. I particularly like to illustrate animals, wildlife, nature, films, TV and places as well as quite a few humourous ones. Some of my illustrations are very detailed and realistic whilst others are fun and cartoon like.

During lockdown I started a series of funny single panel comics following Mitch the cat and his long-suffering owner Marge.

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Read Aloud Storytime

Captain Cuthbert and the Cobra Gem

Captain Cuthbert and the Cobra Gem is the second book in a children's book series. The series follows the swashbuckling tales of Captain Cuthbert and the lovable Scat the cat. Captain Cuthbert is greedy! Captain Cuthbert is selfish! Captain Cuthbert is bossy! He always seems to land himself in trouble. Many a sea traveller has heard rumours of the elusive Cobra Gem and its magical powers. So when Cuthbert and his crew discover a map that will lead them to this mysterious relic, Cuthbert will stop at nothing to get his hands on it!


Listen to people reading children's books

I am the founder on GlossopBookFest. We have a page on our website of people reading a variety of children's books.

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